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Composite Wood Blinds - Affordable and Attractive    
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Composite Wood Blinds - Affordable and Attractive
Composite Wood Blinds - Affordable and Attractive

If you like the rich look of wood blinds, but worry about high heat or moisture, horizontal composite blinds are the ideal solution. The beauty of horizontal composite blinds is in their ability to resist fading, warping and chipping. In rooms where temperatures soar or humidity may be high, the rugged polymer of composite blinds can prevail. These blinds are beautiful enough for the dining room, but practical enough for the kitchen!

V2K window décor & more carries two popular brands of composite wood blinds: V2K Virtual Visions and Hunter Douglas EverWoods.

If composite horizontal blinds aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, V2K window décor & more provides a large selection of custom blinds in other materials:

» Wood horizontal blinds
» Faux wood horizontal blinds
» Aluminum horizontal blinds
» Vinyl horizontal blinds

What Makes Our Composite Blinds Unique?

  • The rugged polymer construction of our composite blinds resists fading, warping and cracking and can be easily cleaned with the swipe of a sponge. Our composite blinds are made from North American hardwood combined with specially selected composite materials.
  • Slat sizes for composite blinds include 2” and 2 ½” flat slats or beveled styles.
  • Decorative cloth tapes for our custom composite blinds are available in ¾” for smaller blinds and 1" and 1 ½” tapes for wider blinds and more color.
  • Valances top composite blinds off just right. Choose from numerous wood options in different styles and sizes or consider the elegance and flow of a fabric valance. Ask about the Everwoods Profiles™ Valance which perfectly coordinates to your blinds.
  • Cornices add a finished look to composite blinds and add warmth by keeping heat in. Cornices can be made from wood, fabric or a variety of other options to spice up your window treatments and composite blinds.
  • Upgrades - Choose from two composite blind system upgrades - the newly added LiteRise® Cordless System for easy operation and increased safety for children and pets, or the convenient PowerTilt™ remote control tilt system. With the LightRise system, your composite blinds and shades stay right where you put them with no cluttering chords and optional decorative tassels for tall windows. The motorized PowerTilt system easily tilts composite blind slats open or closed by remote control.
  • Routless ladders reduces light leakage through your composite blinds by eliminating the rout holes.

Name Brand Composite Blinds Through V2K

V2K window décor & more offers horizontal composite blinds in a variety of popular name brands, including Hunter Douglas and our own private label brands -- V2K Virtual Visions.

To see a full line of horizontal composite blinds, locate the V2K window fashion design consultant nearest you!

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